Individual sessions - Copenhagen

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Individual session

In the one-to-one sessions you get personal advice in how to harmonise your life in times of chaos, illness, when the daily challenges overwhelme you or when you for other reasons need Govind’s helping hand.

(30 minutes)
DKK 80.00

Individual session

In the session Govind will talk with you and learn about your body-mind constitution, your temperament and personality and your current life situation (stress level, diet and general life habits). Since yoga works on multiple layers and has the capacity of reaching to the “center of your being” there are no limitations for which specific issue you may seek help for.

(45 minutes)
DKK 115.00

Individual sessions

If this is your first session we recommend this long sessions so that Govind can tune into you and get around all aspects of your challenges. This sessions is also particularly relevant if you have many challenges to address.

(1 hour)
DKK 135.00